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Hi everyone!

I’m just an ordinary man who loves to cook and not professional chef by any means. The idea of running the blog came from passion for food. I used to post my dishes on Facebook and received some good reviews from friends and family. That encouraged me to start collecting my recipes so the best way to do so was to run a blog of some sort, so even I forget some of the ingredients I can always come back and check them out. On the other hand when blog is online more people have access to it so I have an opportunity to share my dishes with the wider audience.

Some of the dishes will have the photos of each step so it is even easier to follow the recipes. Few of the dishes won’t have it just because photos have been taken before I came up with this idea. But I might update those recipes in the future. So I hope you enjoy it and I’m always open for suggestions if you think it might improve the recipes. I would really appreciate if you leave a comment below each article.

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