Miso duck with apple puree


2 duck breasts

4-5 medium sized apples

knob of butter

“Miso” paste

“Mirin” or any other rise vinegar

Lemon juice (2 tbs)



Peel and slice the apples and add the to the pot with a knob of butter, lemon juice & couple of tablespoons of water. Heat them through on a low heat stirring occasionally until they release their juices.

In the small pot prepare the glaze for the duck. Add tablespoon of “Miso” paste, delude it with couple of tablespoons of water and add “Mirin” to balance the saltiness with the acidity. Dissolve the paste and leave it to rest.

Put duck breasts in a cold skillet skin side down on a medium heat and cook it slowly until you see skin to get crispy and nice golden brown colour. Please be aware that most of the cooking (about 80-90 %) is done on a skin side, because we want to render as much fat as possible (It takes about 5-7 min depending on the amount of fat )

While duck is cooking blend the apples and add chopped parsley to your liking.

When the duck skin is nice and golden , its time to rotate it on the other side and glaze the skin with the glaze you prepared earlier. If it became too thick just heat it up. Give it a min on this side and the put it back on the skin side. Glaze this side with remaining glaze and turn  the burner off. Leave the duck to rest in a skillet. Cooking of the duck must be treated the same as cooking the stake, which it has to be nice and pink in the middle (same colour as a medium-rare steak)

Prepare the plates, add the apple puree and duck on top of it. It is very delicious.

Bon appetit:)

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