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French onion soup


5-6 large onions

1ltr of beef stock

100gr of ‘Konte’ or ‘Gruyere’ cheese

2 slices of bread

Garlic clove

Olive oil + salt + pepper

2 sprigs of Thyme & oregano



Slice the onions into small strips lengthwise and start sautéing in a pot with a little bit of olive oil on a small heat. Keep stirring from time to time. There’s gonna be huge amount of onions in a pot but they will melt down significantly during cooking. What we’re looking to achieve is dark caramelised colour of the onions (not burned).

While onions are cooking prepare the bread. Slice bread into slices and put it into the oven of 200deg C for about 5-6 min until it gets golden colour. Take them out and rub with a garlic clove and leave it to cool.

When onions are cooked to your liking add all beat stock, springs of thyme & oregano and cook it uncovered for about 20 min until it reduces by almost a half. You still want to retain a ‘thick soupy’ consistency .Taste it and add seasoning to your liking. Please remove any leftovers sprigs of thyme & oregano.

And its time for the next step which is combine the ingredients together. Fill the soup bowls with the soup, put a slice of bread on top of it and grate the cheese. Shove it under the broiler and cook until cheese is melted.

Bon appetit;)